Rick Heller
Beech Creek Studio
HC 33, Box 57
Pettigrew, Arkansas (AR) 72752
Toll Free: 1-(866)-251-7853
1-(870) 861-5585
e-mail- info@rickhellerflutes.com

Please call me when you have made your decision on the flute you may want, or perhaps I could help you decide.
I would be glad to talk with you, play different keys for you , or just try to answer any questions you might have about wood choices, whistle blocks, care of flute.
Or maybe you would like me to work in a personal design feature to make your flute special.

I know lots of other flute makers, if I don't seem to have what your looking for, I'd be glad to hook you up with someone who could help you. Either way, I would be glad to help get you started on your flute adventure, as I'm sure , with a small investment of time, the stress in your life will be reduced, and much joy and satisfaction will be gained.

Thank You,
Rick Heller

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Thank you for your purchase!
Rick Heller